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The Future of Google

Behold, the Gevil… dangit, I mean Google of the future!

And, just so you don’t think I came up with this on my own, let me tell you that this image is from the New York Times. So, if I’m crazy for thinking Google is less than the sparkling example of what a “good” corporation can be, at least I’m keeping company with some pretty credible sources.

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New Additions to Assigned Reading List

The Evil Matt CuttsJust a quick heads up for all the now enlightened readers; there are two new additions to the Assigned Reading list. The first is Evil Matt Cutts. This is a hilarious parody of the “real” Matt Cutts blog. The Evil version of Cutts appears to be pretty well informed and a fairly straight shooter, as opposed to gevil’s um google’s version who has pretty much been relegated to propaganda duty.

The second is Randall McCarley’s 14th Colony Blog. While he doesn’t update nearly as often as harasses others to, the blog is worth a read. Not only that, but he compiled the list of Google Alternatives for us, so adding his blog to the list was the least we could do. Which reminds me, we’ve finally got a decent list going, so be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

And finally, you have to stop by and read his (I think) satirical post “George Bush Get’s a Hand-Job“. I won’t give anything away (just go read it for yourself) but I will say that besides the brilliant title, my favorite line is this:

“My guess is that they are hopefully feeling bad for sabotaging the war against terrorism.”

See? I told you google is evil!

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The Progression of Evil…

As I mentioned earlier, Google did not start out evil. No, no, no… that’s just what it seems like. But hey, don’t take my word for it. CNet News wrote an article last year aptly titled “Google becomes ‘evil’” (see? I told you!) about the progression of evil as seen through the comic strip Dilbert.

Back in 2004, Dilbert creator, Scott Adams culminated a week long strip with this image of a “Google-ized” Dilbert.

A Google-ized Dilbert
That’s a far cry from the 2006 strips, Adams created involving Google.
(The links to the Dilbert strip no longer work, so you’ll have to settle for the version SEOmoz used in their post.)

Dilbert Fights an Evil Google

Adams may have been just having some good natured fun at the expense of ole’ Larry and Sergey, but I think he hit the proverbial nail on the head. Google has so obviously become what they originally despised, that it’s almost laughable… almost.

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