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The Future of Google

Behold, the Gevil… dangit, I mean Google of the future!

And, just so you don’t think I came up with this on my own, let me tell you that this image is from the New York Times. So, if I’m crazy for thinking Google is less than the sparkling example of what a “good” corporation can be, at least I’m keeping company with some pretty credible sources.

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  1. gevil=conspiracytheorist Says:

    site is crap

  2. gevil Says:

    Come now… Google may be greedy, full of it, and perhaps the root of all evil but their site is hardly crap… :D

  3. Chloe Edwards Says:

    No no gevil, their site is crap.
    They talk about web standards and this and that, yet their site never actually validates w3c validator.

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