Google Loses Gmail Battle

Posted February 1, 2007 2:39 pm by

A recent court case in Germany has apparently helped a few more people see the light about the true nature of the search giant.

“The woes don’t end there. Across western Europe, a quiet battle rages on between Google and Daniel Giersch, a German-born venture capitalist who insists he’ll never relinquish his 6-year-old trademark registration of “G-mail…und die Post geht richtig ab” (translation: G-mail…and the mail goes right off).

“Google’s behavior is very threatening, very aggressive and very unfaithful, and to me, it’s very evil,” he said in a recent telephone interview with CNET from his part-time Los Angeles home.” (read the full article at CNET News)

Giersch apparently plans to follow up his victory in Germany with cases in Switzerland, Norway, and perhaps even in the U.S. If this story reminds you of the many different court cases filed against Microsoft in the 1990’s, it should. As I’ve said many times before, Google has become the tyrannical monster they fought so hard against in their infancy and it appears more and more people are willing to stand up to them.
Mr. Giersch, salutes you.