Google Sacrifices Advertisers For MySpace Deal

Posted January 26, 2007 5:30 pm by

Just as I thought, the problem with this site will definitely NOT be lack of post material… keeping up with it all, maybe, but we’ll certainly have a lot of subjects to choose from.

Anyway this most recent G-rievance was brought to my attention via Jim Gilbert’s post over at SEM Clubhouse. As Jim points out, google has begun serving Search Network ads on The deal to make this possible of course was announced via a press release in August of last year, however, the WAY google would go about doing so, was not.

In Jim’s words:

Adsense publishers who use the Adsense Search Network get ads delivered from Google’s SEARCH Network (NOT the Contexual Network). What does this mean? [It] Means advertisers in AdWords will have their AdWords ads displayed on MySpace for every search done there — and MySpace has so far proven to NOT be the best converting area for traditional advertising.

Well that’s a very polite (and understated) way of saying it… Basically MySpace traffic traditionally converts like crap. Now sure there are probably some niche markets that won’t suffer from this, but the majority of Adwords advertisers likely will. No problem right? Advertisers that don’t want to market to 13 year old girls and 50 year old perverts can just opt out right? WRONG! Google has offered no such opt-out option. And really, why would they? As usual google will peddle as much low quality traffic as they possibly can until enough high volume advertisers complain and threaten to dent Gevil er google’s pocket books. Until then advertisers, try not to do anything rash while you watch your ROI plummet.